June 21, 2015

Active Sub-Studies

As a platform for HIV and substance use-related research, mSTUDY features sub-studies that address scientific questions beyond the scope of our primary aims.  Below, please find a list of our approved and active concepts.  If you would like to propose a sub study, please contact mstudy@mednet.ucla.edu for more information.

PI: Marjan Javanbakht

Mouthwash Clinical Trial: A clinical study that tests whether daily use of mouthwash (Listerine or Bioteneplacebo) helps to reduce repeat oral gonorrhea in folks who recently tested positive

PI: Nina Harawa

Intersection Interview Study: An interview study aimed to learn more about people’s lived experiences, sexual identity, and injection drug use to improve HIV prevention/treatment

PI: Ricky Bluthenthal

Life Course Interview Study: Another interview study geared at understanding how and why people become injection drug users

PI: Susan Cassels

HIV Hotspots Study: Web-based surveys that focus on social habits, activities, and preferences to shape community “Activity Hotspots” to guide the future of mobile HIV prevention

Additional Sub-Studies

PI NameTitle
Jennifer FulcherRecent methamphetamine use is associated with increased rectal mucosal inflammatory cytokines, regardless of HIV-1 serostatus
PaminaGorbachSelf-report and biomarkers of drug use
HayounLeeDefining HIV-1 infection specific cellular pathways using single-cell RNA sequencing
MichaelLiLongitudinal associations between minority stress, sexual risk behaviors, and risk of STI infection in MSM
Emeka OkfarAssociations of mood disorder diagnosis, marijuana and drug use and inflammatory cytokines
SaeTakadaSocial capital and stigma and risk factors in engagement in care