December 20, 2018

Sub-Studies – Mobile Redirect


As a platform for HIV and substance use-related research, mSTUDY features sub-studies that address scientific questions beyond the scope of our primary aims.  Below, please find a list of our approved and active concepts.  If you would like to propose a sub study, please contact for more information.

Hilary Aralis

  • Chaotic Lifestyle Factors and Achievement of Viral Suppression among HIV-Positive Men in Los Angeles

Stephan Baral

  • Assessing the relationship between stigma and engagement in HIV prevention and treatment

Susie Cassels

  • Associations between migration, sexual risk behavior, and HIV testing behavior, and HIV care among mSTUDY participants

Jesse Clark

  • PAREDES: A Comprehensive Partner-Based Approach to HIV and STI Case-Detection for Latino MSM

Stephanie Clavijo

  • Beginning of chronic health conditions in young MSM of color in Los Angeles

Ryan Cook

  • BMI-SUB study: The Bodyweight, Microbiome, Inflammation, and SUBstance use study

Jennifer Fulcher

  • Recent methamphetamine use is associated with increased rectal mucosal inflammatory cytokines, regardless of HIV-1 serostatus

Pamina Gorbach

  • Behavior change following HIV diagnosis: findings from a Cohort of Los Angeles MSM
  • Sexual Behavior Difference within Main Partnerships by Drug Use
  • Predictors of transmission risk in HIV-positive mSTUDY participants
  • Predictors of incarceration within the mSTUDY Cohort
  • Associations Between Cannabis Use, Sexual Behavior, and STIs/HIV In a Cohort of Young MSM
  • Self-report and biomarkers of drug use

Nina Harawa

  • HIV intervention models for criminal justice involved Black MSM

Jennifer Hsia

  • Cigarette and E-Cigarette Use Among MSM of Color in Los Angeles
  • Syndemic trends in tobacco use, other substance use, risky sexual behaviors, and mental health among MSM based on HIV serostatus

Shehnaz Hussain

  • Biomarkers and Bugs: Microbiome and cytokine biomarkers in meth using mSTUDY participants

Marjan  Javanbakht

  • Transactional Sex among Men Who Have Sex with Men: Differences by Substance Use and HIV Status

Hayoun Lee

  • Defining HIV-1 infection specific cellular pathways using single-cell RNA sequencing

Michael Li

  • Longitudinal associations between minority stress, sexual risk behaviors, and risk of STI infection in MSM

Emeka Okafor

  • Associations of mood disorder diagnosis, marijuana and drug use and inflammatory cytokines
  • Correlates of preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Los Angeles, California

Brendan Quinn

  • Needs Assessment of HIV Prevention Efforts: Geospatial analysis of HIV risk behaviors among men of color who have sex with men (MCSM) in Los Angeles county
  • Health and syndemic factors among MSM of Color in Los Angeles
  • Alcohol use and HIV clinical health outcomes

Steve Shoptaw

  • Methamphetamine dose response in mSTUDY cohort

Chelsea Shover

  • Methamphetamine use trajectory and HIV treatment outcomes in young minority MSM

Sae Takada

  • Social capital and stigma and risk factors in engagement in care

Janine Trevilliyan

  • Impact of methamphetamine use and HIV infection on periodontal disease, metabolic disease and cardiovascular risk